XYZ | Sabrina Fritsch (Lubok)

XYZ | Sabrina Fritsch (Lubok)

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Catalogue with 36 figures in offset, duplex and iris print, designed by Lisa Pommerenke
with a text by Leonie Pfennig (german/ english)

The artist book XYZ tries to recombine and to re-view the painterly work by Sabrina Fritsch as print experiment. By using various printing techniques, like iris or duplex print colours are inverted, manipulated and gradients are provoked.
During the past years printing processes and techniques have become more and more important for the work of the artist, they complement and affect the paintings and vice versa.
A ficticious dictionary article from a as asymmetry over n as neon gray to z as Z connects paintings, prints and book and gives impulses for the decryption of the works.

Swiss brochure

64 pages

24 x 33 cm

edition of 300
Released 03/2017
ISBN 978-3-945111-32-1