Daikichi Amano

Daikichi Amano is a Japanese visual artist who designs eerie set pieces for perturbing photoshoots - frequently focused on model - and they have been featured throughout the world in distinguished exhibits as disfigured experimentalism. Their resume include series such as 'Horror Dolls' and 'A Petrified Forest', each one concerning themes from dark naturalistic fantasy to outright horror contain grotesque body shock. These frequently showcase a particularly morbid atavism ravaging dignity-savage animals overriding the purified human form, bloodied objects butchering any sterility and wires twisting around scenes to mutilate the natural state.  His artwork has mainstream admirers such as Marilyn Manson and has been even audaciously touted as a modern 'Hokusai Katsushika'!

Lives and works in Tokyo.

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