Treasures from French Safety Posters  (Requins Marteaux)

Treasures from French Safety Posters (Requins Marteaux)

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22 x 30 cm
144 pages
Hard cover
Texts in french & english 
ISBN: 978-2-84961-119-7
Published in March 2012
Here is a selective anthology of prevention posters
at work produced by INRS poster artists between
1949 and 1984. One of them, Bernard Chadebec,
more particularly caught the attention of Felder and
Cizo by his inventiveness and prolixity. Thus, the reader will have the chance to read a behind-the-scenes interview with the poster design workshop of the National Institute Research and Security at the time. This book is wants to be an iconographic memory of a graphic innovation, intended both for lovers of beautiful illustrations and for great nostalgics. It will even be read around the world since this edition is bilingual.