Theater | Volker Pfüller (Lubok Verlag)

Theater | Volker Pfüller (Lubok Verlag)

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Artist book with 32 black and white and 24 multi-coloured original linocuts by Volker Pfüller

Following "Grafikbuch", "Köpfe" and "Tierlein" the fourth linocut book by Leipzig book and poster artist Volker Pfüller is published by Lubok Verlag. In the linocut book "Theater" Pfüller works through memories and sketches acquired over many years working as stage designer at various theaters. The 32 black and white and 24 coloured linocuts were made in 2010 and printed according to the lost pattern technique.


60 pages

24 x 32 cm

edition of 500
Released 02/2011
ISBN 978-3-941601-15-4