The Blanquet | Nobuyoshi Araki (Magazine House)

The Blanquet | Nobuyoshi Araki (Magazine House)

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This book documents the food that Araki and his wife ate together in the months before her death, and it is divided into color and black-and-white sections.

Published by Magazine House

130 pages

Pictures: 60

Year: 1993 (first Japanese edition)

Softcover with dustjacket in very good condition !

250 x 185 mm

First edition, 1993.

Condition: Used, very good, see pictures.

(only one copy available)

Included in Martin Parr & Gerry Badger, The Photobook, vol.1

"The effect of each section is therefore quite different-the color is lucid, clinical, slightly repellent, the monochrome softer, more diffuse, the food less easily identified. The obvious metaphor is to suggest that the color was leaving Araki's world, but his intentions are not quite so simple. The retreat from color is a retreat from realism to romanticism, where what were clearly images of food now become images of matter, like micro-photography, echoing the viral landscapes of the cancer that was destroying his wife."

From Parr and Badger, "The Photobook: A History Vol. I":