Stein Schere Papier | Katja Stoye-Cetin  (Lubok)

Stein Schere Papier | Katja Stoye-Cetin (Lubok)

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Catalogue with 59 colour illustrations in offset print, designed by Ina Kwon
with poems by Johanna Schwedes and a conversation between Lorenz Just and Katja Stoye-Cetin (german)

80 pages

22,1 x 28,5 cm

edition of 300
Released 06/2021
ISBN 978-3-945111-66-6


Katja Stoye-Cetin (born in Dresden) studied photography in the class of Timm Rautert at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig from 2002 until 2008. From 2014 to 2018 she did her postgraduate degree Art in Context at UDK Berlin. She lives and works in Berlin.
Katja Stoye-Cetin’s work is closely linked to daily life and its objects, like a plastic bag from the supermarket, the words we use to express ourselves, the city and interpersonal relations. She experiments with various techniques, especially analog photography techniques like the colour photogram.
The artist’s focus lies on materials, visual languages and fractures. She points to the linking of her photographic works with their technical and social conditions of production and their connection to fashion, subculture and politics.