State of the Union | Damien Deroubaix (CIAV)

State of the Union | Damien Deroubaix (CIAV)

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Exhibition catalog 


60 pages

21 x 16 cm

published in 2011

Aa collective exhibition curated by Damien Deroubaix.


Christian Aberle (D), Gilles Barbier (F), Barbara Breitenfellner (A), Damien Cadio (F), Eric Corne (F), Julia Cottin (F), Martin Dammann (D), Damien Deroubaix (F), Marcel van Eeden (NL), Richard Fauguet (F), Heike Gallmeier (D), Julie Laignel (F), Audrey Nervi (F), Maël Nozahic (F), Arnaud Rochard (F), Souche (F), Barthélémy Toguo (Cameroon/F), Sandra Vásquez de la Horra (Chile), Yannick Vey (F), Zaidel & Luskind (D/Israel), Katharina Ziemke (D)

The title State of the Union refers to the annual speech of the US-President, which describes the present situation and offers perspectives for the future. With 21 artists – among twelve French, furthermore artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Chile and Cameroon – the exhibition at Freien Museum Berlin also formulates an actual state as well as perspectives from different points of view: dark or drastic for some (Eric Corne, Julia Cottin, Damien Cadio...), absurd and ironic for others (Richard Fauguet, Souche, Gilles Barbier...), poetic (Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, Yannick Vey, Christian Aberle...) or political (Barthélémy Toguo, Martin Dammann...).


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