Stamatis Papazoglou (Pogo Books)

Stamatis Papazoglou (Pogo Books)

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Stamatis Papazoglou detects, collects, combines, destroys and reassembles. His paintings, collages and assemblages are congeries of fragments of our consumer society and the clear design of contemporary abstract painting. It creates multi-layered, complex imagery in which time and space overlap and intertwine. Stamatis Papazoglou is a material anarchist. In his pictorial universe any existing product hierarchy has been abolished. He taints and alienates the perfect and gives the devalued a new brilliance. Nearly anything can become the raw material of his art. The classic canvas, plastic sheeting, Perspex plates, wood panels of various shapes and color, but also a sheer wall may provide a potential painting background. From a doormat which has been used as a spray template over parts of torn billboards, the handle of a paint roller, photographs, broken stretchers, cut up pieces of old pictures, rubber bands, shelf brackets; all this stuff comes into consideration to function as a direct or indirect material.

Stamatis Papazoglou 1975 born, lives and works in Berlin.

500 Copies
ISBN: 978-3-942547-46-8

100 Pages
Printed Paper hardcover
21 x 28 cm
Color Offset

Publication Date: February 2015