Silex (Gestalten)

Silex (Gestalten)

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Published in Germany by Die Gestalten, 2001

22 x 17 cm

192 pages


This colourful book showcases the drawings of Silex, a collective of open-minded Swiss creatives. Silex redefine the common standards of drawing by experimenting with various techniques - a toothbrush or a pencil, oil, charcoal or silk-screen print. While the quiet renaissance of illustration has taken us by surprise, this open-minded, loose group of Swiss designers has been drawing away quietly at its irregular weekend retreat. Based on old fashioned communal spirit, Silex acts as an irreverent workout and cathartic outlet for the stranger, funnier and darker recesses of its participants' minds. The collection in this book documents the various styles of Silex, ranging from naive anatomical, from cute flowers to teenage fantasies and sex. The book's binding and presentation appropriately reflects the distinctive spirit of Silex.