Secession | Tobias Pils (Revolver Publishing)

Secession | Tobias Pils (Revolver Publishing)

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Softcover, published in Berlin, Germany 2013

 First edition

24 x 32 cm

104 pages

German texts

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Tobias Pils’s large-format, abstract painting ? occasionally laced with representational fragments ? develops from questions raised in close connection to the painting process itself. He has produced an extensive new work cycle for his major individual presentation in the gallery. The title of the exhibition is simply Secession. It points to the exhibition venue as a reference but its restraint also allows sufficient space for distance, irony and ? artistic freedom. And so in some visual or conceptual quotations, Pils takes up historical references relating to the Secession and the zeitgeist in Vienna at the start of the 20th century as a whole without compromising his consistent work on painterly issues in any way by doing so. Intuition, inspiration and individuality are criteria relevant to Pils's painterly oeuvre, and form the basis of his understanding of painting as a language and means of expression.

Texte: Roberto Ohrt, András Pálffy, Richard Shiff

ISBN 978-3-86895-311-4