Read yourself Raw (Raw Books)

Read yourself Raw (Raw Books)

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cult underground comics anthologie published by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly

36 x 27 cm

150 pages

The contents of Read Yourself Raw are a selection of comics by various artists originally published from Raw magazine issues one to three, a comics anthology that circulated from 1980 to 1991. Read Yourself Raw is a selection of comic works that was originally published in issues one to three of Raw. It also includes the original covers, illustrations, and reprints of the inserts that were in those issues. Read Yourself Raw gives readers a taste of some of Raw's contents.

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Comic strips deal with extraterrestrials, ants, political satire, dreams, time, marriage, school, the future, and the Holocaust

Oversized magazine, RAW with the kind of dazzling graphics and eccentric stories that made the original publication so distinctive. Founding editors Spiegelman and Mouly, husband and wife, continue to fill their anthology with the work of some of the most sophisticated (and bizarre) comics artists from America and Europe. Black-and-white and color illustrations.