Pot-pourri de Bongoût (Bongoût)

Pot-pourri de Bongoût (Bongoût)

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!! only one copy available !!

the book is in good condition but the cover wears a few storage marks. Little price sticker mark on the back. Some of the thin paper undulated over the years. See pictures. 

big size Screenprinted book

84 pages

40 x 30 cm

published by Bongoût Berlin in 2004

Cover: Meelo Gfeller, Mathieu Desjardins + Sylvain Gérand, Edu Cerro, Jorg Alderete, Ryan Compton, Lilith Travaglini, Kuso Gaki, Manoiii, Jo Brouillon, Colin Raff, Tetsunori, Dave 2000, Allemane, Sacha Lehne, Kapreles, Seripop, Fourbaux, Andréas Marchal, Mike Little/Gastly Cave, Michal Zori, Jelle Crama, Jeremy Wabiszczewicz, Antoine Bernhart, Dwitt, Keith Herzik, San Miguel, Little Miss Luzifer, Anna Hellsgard, Kristoffer Busch, Thinkmule, Laurent Impeduglia, N8W, Seb Normal, Cheb Samir, back cover: Edu Cerro.