Post Vinyle | Frédéric Post (BoaBooks)

Post Vinyle | Frédéric Post (BoaBooks)

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"Miracol" is the name of pirate records label of the Swiss artist Frédéric Post. With the participation of numerous composers, he relases single or multiple copies of picture disc homemade with glued. The idea of the artist is related to the speculation on the limited duration of his fragil and authentic product. The layout of the sleeve design during the production of this reverse records intend his work into a reseach in contrast of the main marketing idea of the records industrie, affecting most of the time not only the design but also the sounds of the musicians. Five copies contain a signed and numbered original hand made vinyl by Frédéric Post, price on request.

Post Vinyle

ISBN 978-2-940409-50-1

160 pages

140 illustrations

17,5 x 24 cm
Offset, First Edition