Pierre Schwerzmann (BoaBooks)

Pierre Schwerzmann (BoaBooks)

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Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the year 2013

Pierre Schwerzmann extends the lexicon of minimal painting beyond the boundaries of the visible and of the canvas. The differently sized pages of this artist’s book generate strong iconographic and rhythmic ellipses. Each section provides clues for exploring a complex system that governs the artist’s body of work. Essays by artist Thomas Huber and by Marco Costantini, as well as an interview with Catherine Othenin-Girard, tune in as several voices to the book. Reproductions of exhibition pictures provide an indication of the structural challenge taken on by the artist and his painting, as well as his experimenting with boundaries, which are reflected in this book. This books is supported by Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture for his translation and his made with the support of the city of Nyon, Fondation pour les Arts et la Culture Nyon, and Canton de Vaud. Awarded by the jury of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the year 2013.

Essays: Thomas Huber, Marco Costantini
german, French & English


144 pages

23,8 x 29,8 cm

ISBN 978-2-940409-23-5