Oniric Planet | Bernardino Costantino (Epox & Botox)

Oniric Planet | Bernardino Costantino (Epox & Botox)

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Open a book and dive into a space where eyes fill in for stars – multiple facets globes – where the light comes from and where the light comes in. In the heart of Oniric Planet, first Italian artist Bernardino Costantino’s illustrated tale, the EYE extends the metaphor and tells the story.

A gothic and astral universe where the author talks about himself through strong self-portraits and symbolic scenes,
a raw style, very close to the engraving effects, a world where it’s dark but yet from where colours spray out with energy…

screen booklet 24 pages

14 x 22cm
160 numbered copies,
EpOx et BoTOx edition

March 2018.