The Joy of Welcome | Jay Nelson(Nieves)

The Joy of Welcome | Jay Nelson(Nieves)

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The Joy of Welcome
Jay Nelson

16 Pages
14 x 20 cm
b/w Photocopy
First Edition 2006
150 Copies

I’m interested in architectural forms because of the weight they carry in our lives. on the most basic level they provide us with a safe place to rest and think but they also determine the way we interact with each other and create a frame for the outside world. Arranging the pieces of a structure is infinite and those arrangements make us who we are.

While working through projects I have come to consider the different pieces of a structure, how these parts are arranged and what they represent. A window is a way of directing a persons gaze towards a view or an idea I want to share. I use Furniture to influence interaction with a space an art work or another person. The roof and walls encourage privacy, intimacy and inwardness. lighting draws the gaze.

My work is project based, for an exhibit I come up with a vision for the the whole show and then build the elements as one piece, which means as a painter the paintings and then the structure that holds the paintings. If I'm building a mobile structure or dwelling its designed around an experience I plan to have, a trip I will take or time I will spend in a structure. Jay Nelson