Works 1995 - 2011 | Peter Holm (Revolver Publishing)

Works 1995 - 2011 | Peter Holm (Revolver Publishing)

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In mint condition (little glue mark on the back cover, see picture)

Softcover, published in Berlin, Germany 2012

 First edition

21x 22 cm

158 pages

SBN 978-3-86895-229-2

English & Danish texts

Includes numerous color illustrations.

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"It happens, during the proces of applying paint, perhaps in a particular yellow hue,to piece of wood, for example, that I can be stricken with a sudden sense of doubtabout painting,by and large.When this happens, I like to go for a drive-sometimes I go really fast - giving myselfthe freedom to be challenged by the curves..."

This paragraph is from the foreword "Look-a painting" included in the 157 page,fully illustrated catalogue, documenting the selected works with painting and paintingin the extended field, in the period 1995-2011 ,of danish painter Peter Holm .

The period includes installations with cardoors, cornerpieces and stripe paintingsfrom amongst other, shows at the legendary Tommy Lund Gallery and includespaperwork and later works such as the furniture trilogi.

The catalogue features large fold-out pages , a foreword by the artist and an essayin danish and english by Ditte Vilstrup Holm, MA in Art HistoryIt comes with a seperate 10-page index.
Berlin 2012, 158 pages, ill., 22 x 21 cm, softcover, Danish/EnglishI