Kiosk des Glücks | Wolfgang Ellenrieder (Lubok)

Kiosk des Glücks | Wolfgang Ellenrieder (Lubok)

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Catalogue with 37 coloured and 13 black and white figures in offset print, designed by Susann Dietrich
with texts by Steffen Kopetzky and Reinhard Spieler (german)

The catalogue is accompanied by a zine. Riso print, 36 pages, 19x27,7 cm.

Wolfgang Ellenrieder's installation "Kiosk des Glücks" (kiosk of happiness) can be described as an encompassing layout of the exhibition space. He combines different surfaces that do not reveal what they truly are at first glance, relief prints, that simulate high quality materials, wood cuts, that were realized based on on-site elements of the building, and three-dimensional "colour objects", that refer to architectural elements and ficticiously extend the space. The »Kiosk des Glücks« is a place that examines the relation between painting and space, original and reproduction. Its surfaces serve as projection screens for wishes and questions concerning real and apparent values.


80 pages

24 x 31,2 cm

edition of 500
Released 04/2017
ISBN 978-3-945111-33-8