Eine Frage der Sicht | Katja Schwalenberg (Lubok)

Eine Frage der Sicht | Katja Schwalenberg (Lubok)

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Artist book with text and illustrations by Katja Schwalenberg, printed using offset lithography
Hardcover with ribbon

96 pages

14,8 x 10,5 cm

edition of 400
Released 06/2021
ISBN 978-3-945111-67-3



Are projects envisioning your life? Does strength sneak into your head or heart? Do you dream the same dreams as in your youth? Are you there?

104 questions like these the female figures in Katja Schwalenberg’s new book »Eine Frage der Sicht« (»A Question of Perspective«) ask themselves, each other and the viewer. Beautifully printed in one, two and three colours using offset lithography this small book fits into every pocket and invites in a humorous and light manner to contemplate the big questions of life.