In Situ | Bertus Gerssen (Self Published)

In Situ | Bertus Gerssen (Self Published)

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In Situ by Bertus Gerssen is the result of a 3-year-long photo-quest into the underground music scene of The Hague.

In Situ’ is a photographic ode to The Hague’s infamous underground music scene by local documentary photographer Bertus Gerssen.
It documents the scene’s intimate environments, from underground venue Dystopia to the Autonomous Centre, squatted villas and artists’ studios, all run by enthusiastic people giving it their everything. A lively, compartmentalized scene, people criss-cross through the city visiting shows seemingly at random. Leading a discreet, almost hidden life, you have to be in the know (word of mouth through friends, or friends of friends) in order to be aware of it’s very existence. ‘In Situ’ is a portrait of this newfound family and close friends.

184 pages

24 x 17.3cm
Risograph printing
Edition: 300