Idea 303 - Cuba Posters | international graphic arts and typography

Idea 303 - Cuba Posters | international graphic arts and typography

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soft cover magazine

published in Japan

22 x 30 cm

180 pages

texts in English and Japanese 

march 2004

Content :
The Bright World of Cuban Posters / Jop van Bennekom, Magazine as Designer’s Private Medium / glass on table Alexander Gelman / Stefan Sagmeister’s latest works / Hiroshi Ohchi-Design, Education and Journalism / Invisible Language Vol.12 by Paul Elliman / When Pigs Design Vol.25 by Kyoichi Tsuzuki / Typography Review vol. 3, Supervision by Jiro Katashio, Text and Design by Yoshihisa Shirai, Text by Baumann & Baumann / News + Information / heiQuiti HARATA IDEA remix ver. 6.0.J [Galleria Linga Franka] / Shinro Ohtake Original Serial Poster vol. 6 [DENKAME]Cover artwork by Eduardo Muñoz Bachs “Cine móvil”, 1969


The Bright World of Cuban Posters
After the revolution of 1959, the Cuban government produced thousands of posters as a way to connect people in a social and political context. Socialism under Castro was not straight Marxism-Leninism, but a new form of socialism that acknowledged Cuban history and actual conditions in Cuba at the time. As a result, the posters of the new regime used modes of expression that reflected the daily realities of their intended audience, the Cuban population. Cuban posters had a particular appeal, one that balanced a strength imbued with the excitement and fervor of people creating a new society with a feeling of intimacy created by that comes from designs intended for anyone to be able to understand and enjoy. In particular, Cuban film posters gave full play to their creator’s free interpretation and ingenuity, and look especially ideal and luxurious to eyes only too familiar with hyper-commercial posters. This special report presents 81 Cuban posters, 40 of which are for films, primarily from the Cuban Posters 1937-2003 exhibition held last fall at Gifu University of Economics.