Fürs Leben gezeichnet | Klaus Pichler (Fotohof)

Fürs Leben gezeichnet | Klaus Pichler (Fotohof)

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This is the first book by Klaus Pichler. With his recent work "One Third", "Skeletons in the closet" or "Dust" (see the "Skeletons" book below) we see his photography moving towards a more artistic direction. Not so in this one, this is a documentation of ex-prisoners showing their tatttoos. We get more than only photos of the work/art applied in prison, we are told the stories behind, we learn about the life in prison and tatttoos as a form of resistance or liberation. Klaus did a great job in approaching, talking and investigating ex-prisoners life and bringing this in a non-voyeuristic manner in book-form. Great read and cudos for doing a job at least I could not imagine...

Photo book, Soft cover 2011

German texts

22 x 28cm

184 pages, 149 images.

Texts by Klaus Pichler, Michael Grimm and Eva Brunner. Book design: Peter Hochpöchler.

Print run (first edition): 1000 copies.

ISBN 978-3-902675-52-1