Forteresse | Damien Cadio (Almine Recht)

Forteresse | Damien Cadio (Almine Recht)

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Damien Cadio

21 X 14,8 cm
8 1/2 x 6 in
112 pages
Texts by Eric Corne, Thibaut de Ruyter, Sophie Kaplan
Co-edited by Almine Rech Gallery
Published by CRAC Alsace

ISBN: 2-911660-18-8

Precise, well composed and extremely meticulous, Damien Cadio's work depict the common: In his artworks we could observe a few withered flowers forgotten in a vase, a glass, heavy red velvet curtains. He represente a form of banality but where there strangeness and mystery occur. Is it due to the composition, the framing, to the muted tones, to the classic style of the accomplish works? Maybe its due to the the distance and the silence that reign in his compositions which awake concern and curiosity? Or maybe the depict subject is not the subject of the painting ? Starting from everyday images, Cadio’s paintings becomes an undertaking of displacement, of decentering, by which every object or depict subject takes on an unknown weight : a new poetical meaning. Damien Cadio explain about this decentering : "I look for images that seem banal – because, once again, violence is never far away - and I pay attention to the details which brings out some signs of extraordinary events from a simple environment"