yie ar Aloha | Flemming Dupont (Cult Pump)

yie ar Aloha | Flemming Dupont (Cult Pump)

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Danish underground Comics

english texts

screenprinted cover / xerox inside

60 pages
21 x 16 cm

100 copies, numbered

made in Copenhagen 



The graphic artist Flemming Dupont, a regular part of the anthology Smitekilde (1998-2010) printed this zine in 1998 while he was a student of the design school of Copenhagen, but was a little too lazy to collect all the copies, until recently that is, 25 years later... It doesn't matter because it was worth all the years of waiting! In Yie ar Aloha, we are served short, classic underground cartoon stories with cute funny animals that are either specially unlucky or are particularly mean towards each other. But the best and special thing about Yie Ar Aloha are the little graphic treats you get as side benefits... A true gem in Danish underground comix! “Silverage” format, photocopied with silk-screened cover 40 pages.