Fergadelic / Perks and mini (Gas book 17)

Fergadelic / Perks and mini (Gas book 17)

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GASBOOK 17 is a gorgeous collaborative book by Perks and Mini and Fergadelic.


Perks and Mini is an artist duo, which is Misha and Shauna based in Melbourne, Australia. They have developed a famous original fashion brand called "P.A.M." and have participated in numerous exhibitions, including an exhibition at the PARCO MUSEUM. They have also published toys and books and continue to engage in creative activities to "make the world a better place, even if only a little.” They are a popular designer duo who work on artwork and videos.


Meanwhile, London-based graphic artist Fergadelic calls himself "The Graphic Equalizer," and his mission is to fight off the graphic failures of the world. His work is full of power, originality, wit and humor. Fergadelic's fashion brand Tonite also unveils a collection of T-shirts. Parks, Minis, and the band The Changes, formed by Fergadelic and Sk8thing, are also featured. The book starts on both sides. The front cover was designed by Parks and Mini. and Fergadelic designed the back cover. The center section of the book features a spread of collaborative artwork created for the book.




Their concept is escaping to fantasy land “Forever never land” 


P.A.M. / PERKS AND MINI is a lifestyle brand from Australia, based in Paris, a collection of Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey’s creativity. The brand name "P.A.M." was chosen from the initials of Misha's tag name "PERKS" and Shauna's nickname "AND MINI. 

Ever since P.A.M. was Founded in 2000, they continues to present music, fashion, art, and culture from a unique perspective while expanding its activities in a variety of fields, including DJ and artist activities, hosting deep club events, publishing publications, managing stores, and launching pop-up




Fergus "Fergadelic" Purcell is a graphic designer from England. He has collaborated with prominent brands such as STÜSSY and JW Anderson and is the main graphic designer for Palace Skateboards, a skateboarding brand from London, England. He is also known as the creator of the "Tri-Ferg" logo. He also works with Misha Hollenbach & Shauna Toohey (P.A.M.) and Sk8Thing (A Bathing Ape) as 'THE CHANGES'.

64 Pages

20 x  27 cm


Text: English / Japanese


ISBN-13: ‎ 978-4861002007

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