Echoes of Silence | Peter Emanuel Goldman

Echoes of Silence | Peter Emanuel Goldman

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A film by Peter Emanuel Goldman with his bonus short, "Pestilent City"

Peter Emmanuel Goldman's rarely screened debut, an underappreciated landmark of the New American Cinema, chronicles the lives of twenty-somethings adrift in New York City, finding tremendous pathos in the smallest moments: a furtive glance across a museum gallery, girls putting on makeup, a stroll beneath the pulsing lights of Times Square marquees. Composed with a lo-fi purity and bereft of diegetic sound, its shadowy images of youthful flaneurs are paired with evocatively hand-painted title cards and a dynamic soundtrack drawn from the artist's LPs that, when combined, conjure up a ballad of sexual dependency like none other.

Echoes Of Silence, 1965, B/W 69min

Pestilent City, 1967, B/W & negative, 24min