Umanità Intensiva | Daniele Cudini (Damiani)

Umanità Intensiva | Daniele Cudini (Damiani)

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Hard cover 

112 pages

25 x 28 cm

isbn 978-8862080644


Texts by Vittoria Coen and Stefanie Kreuzer. Italian / English / German text. Bologna, 2008; hardcover, pp. 112, ill. col., 24x28 cm. Daniele Cudini has managed to elaborate his very personal language through an iridescent and irreverent painting, aimed at revealing the internal meaning of the images and the contradictions of our time, playing on the ambiguity of the subjects and meanings, with words, signs, painting interventions on fabric, on paper, which often build installations and where the value of the work is above all in its declaration (...) The population living in Daniele Cudini's works is varied and extraordinary, an "intensive humanity", like the calls the artist, with disturbing families that seem to have been born out of a horror film, Elvis Presley with dark glasses smiling at the camera, fat and thick in his clothing - uniform, animals and people who mingle in the kaleidoscopic universe of a painting that seems suspended in the void, except when the artist engages with architecture and environments where it is easy to recognize some design objects. Wally, the curious puppet who often appears, almost seems to be the narrator of these frames of stories, like the reciting voice in a film, while elsewhere a bored and cynical youth seems to await new myths. Vittoria Coen Come closer, swaying figures ", with this line begins the dedication of Goethe's Faust, it seems that these words enter right at the center of Daniele Cudini's work and his world populated by singular characters and places (...) The observer is shown, in a joyful way, a journey into the almost infinite and often unbearable universe of the intensity and eccentricity of human being and acting. With a surprising sensitivity and with a love for dark and extravagant detail, the artist outlines the great variety of passions in life, passions that are subject to derailments and confusion, the pathos that struggle to maintain control, loneliness