Curated by 01 | Sonnenzimmer (Re:Surgo!)

Curated by 01 | Sonnenzimmer (Re:Surgo!)

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2 colours srcreen-print, 22 x 16 cm, 16 pages + cover, edition of 125 ex, numbered.

This is the first screen printed zine from our "Curated by" series - Sonnenzimmer

"The work in this book documents a slice of contemporary art practice, through the lens of four working artists. In each of their work, minimalism, formal exploration and the legacy of pop art are tackled, explored, and digested in a unique way.
Carrie Pollack, Peter Power, Alexander Valentine, and Ina Weise came into our lives through the multifaceted world of Chicago printmaking and we are quite happy to have them together in one place." Sonnenzimmer

Page 1-3,16 - Ina Weise
4-7 - Alexander Valentine
8-11 - Peter Power
12-15 - Carrie Pollack
Sonnenzimmer is a Chicago-based art and print studio run by Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher.

- The Art Institute of Chicago
- Emory University, Atlanta