The Joy of Overpainting  | Georg Weissbach (Lubok)

The Joy of Overpainting | Georg Weissbach (Lubok)

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Catalogue with ca. 330 colour illustrations in offset
with texts by Franz Hempel and Franciska Zólyom (german/​ english)

200 pages

23 x 32 cm

edition of 600
Released 9/2021
ISBN 978-3-945111-73-4


Extensive catalogue of Leipzig artist Georg Weißbach (*1987)

The title of this essay brings together two key aspects of Georg Weißbach’s work in one abstract word: overpainting. A term meaning both the act of producing paintings on painting, and furthermore the painterly outcome of the artistic practice of overpainting. To further clarify the point: what we are looking at is a series of works called The Joy Of Overpainting, all of them created between 2019 and 2020 by the painter Georg Weißbach. (Franz Hempel)

All the pages are perforated so that single pages can be removed and reassembled to create your own wall collage.