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Le pays de l’éclairement | Simon Debona (Epox & Botox)

Le pays de l’éclairement | Simon Debona (Epox & Botox)

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Screenprinted book

31 x 24 cm

120 pages 

edition of 200, numbered

Published by Epox & Botox, France



« In between initiatory route and vain quest, we follow Philippe Noirôme, a locked face character, behind which we could ourselves hide, ferociously tied to his suitcase -just as airtight- who nonchalantly and asking no questions gets across unusual and symbolic adventures happening on his pathway.
Observation of « one reality » and its allegory, seen through the prism of a just a little disillusioned and downright amused eye.
The absurd of « a whole » given to be food to the discerning reader. »