Choco Choco | Stephanie Kiwitt (Lubok)

Choco Choco | Stephanie Kiwitt (Lubok)

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Artist book with 16 figures in a four-colour offset print and 19 black and white figures printed from photopolymer plates/ clichés

The subject of Stephanie Kiwitt's new artist book Choco Choco is the observation of an industrial production process: the manufacturing of chocolate. The focus lies on the difference between the functional, efficiency orientated mass production and the product itself - a superfluent luxury food that engages lust and senses. Rather than documenting a production sequence the book deals with concepts of mass, abundance, functionality, design and sensuality.


32 pages

21,2 x 30,2 cm

edition of 500
Released 05/2015
ISBN 978-3-945111-11-6