Broadcasting | Line Larsen (Cult pump)

Broadcasting | Line Larsen (Cult pump)

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Line Larsen's "BROADCASTING BACK TO SOURCE" is a diaristic tale where she touches upon subjects such as conscious creation, reincarnation, numerology, portals, manifestation, non-physical entities, everyday witchcraft, higher guidance, the power of deliberate focus, the death of linear time, the false self, twin flames, scripting, re-programming of the mind, channeling and more.

She asks questions such as:
What happens after you take the red pill?
Why do you keep seeing 11:11, 22:22, 333 and other repeating numbers everywhere and what does it mean?
How do you deal with the insessive NOISE of this 3D "reality"?
Are the thoughts you're thinking your own?
And what would happen if you release all resistance and leave it all up to the universal manager?

And comes to realisations like :
All "wrongs" can be made "right"
An Archangel really can help you find the perfect jobsituation
if you are not happy HERE, you wont be happy THERE
Never leave the house out of alignment
There is no finish line, so stop running
It's always ok to leave mid-conversation
And if you have a feeling like you're never really alone, you might be in the presence of an ALL LOVING non-pysical entity.

"Broadcasting Back to Source" might make you finally feel at home as a tourist in this Matrix.


85 pages

b/w with screenprinted cover

printed in Danemark, 2022