Bastards of Misrepresentation: New York Edition (Re:Surgo!)

Bastards of Misrepresentation: New York Edition (Re:Surgo!)

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Catalogue of an exhibition curated by artist Manuel Ocampo, featuring the work of 20 contemporary visual artists from the Philippines.

Highlighting the dynamic range of artistic activity that represents the most current work from Manila, the multi-venue exhibition in simultaneous taking place in New York City from October 27 to December 30, 2012.

Featured artists:
Arvin Flores - Valeria Cavestany - David Griggs - Dexter Fernandez - Gaston Damag - Dina Gadia - Romeo Lee - MM Yu - Poklong Anading - Robert Langenegger - Lena Cobangbang - Gerardo Tan - Carlo Ricafort - Timo Roter - Bea Camacho - Maria Cruz - Jayson Oliveri - Pow Martinez - Yason Banal - Maria Jeon.

Essaies by:
Todd Richmond and Paz Tanjuaquio, Manuel Ocampo, Gina Fairley & Patrick D. Flores.

Offset, 160 pages, 21 x 16 cm, swiss binding.
Presented by Topaz Gallery, published by Re:Surgo!