Abcycling in Beirut | Siwar Kraytem

Abcycling in Beirut | Siwar Kraytem

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"'Why on earth ride a bike in this city ?' This is the way I started my graduation project thinking of the reasons why I would ride a bike or anyone would also ride a bike."

ABCYCLING is a cycling guide to Beirut. I designed and wrote this guide as part of my senior project in June 2014. It is a collection of all the required basic information that is needed to start cycling comfortably in the city of organized chaos.

Siwar Kraytem is passionate about design and cycling. As part of her final year project, she created this guide to cycling in one of the least bike-friendly cities, Beirut. Beautifully illustrated and filled with a wonderful sense of humor, this guide will help you get on your two-wheels in any concrete jungle.

21 x 16,5 cm

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