Spectre | Akira Inumaru (Timeless)

Spectre | Akira Inumaru (Timeless)

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Published by Timeless – 2013 – France

16 x 24 cm

 72 pages in colours


Akira is a young artist (perfomer, photographer, drawer) from Osaka who believe that exists beside reality the world of dreams and the world of the deads. He communicates with both worlds through different medium and very personal rituals : – playing with “liquid rainbows” in a very sensual way to the point of resembling to splosh fetish, – orgies of colourful flowers and a human skull liked and kissed in a kind of a necromancer trance. -and finally using the burning power of the sunbeams (“solar distillation”) as an art tool to draw ghostly silhouettes.

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