Live Through This - New York in the year 2005 (Deitch Gallery)

Live Through This - New York in the year 2005 (Deitch Gallery)

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soft cover

114 pages

29 x 29 cm

publIshed in the USA 2005

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featuring: Taylor mcKimens, Terence Koh, Fort Thunder, Paper Rad, Jim Drain, Jules de Balincourt, Dash Snow, Dan Colen, Devendra Banhart, Matt Leines…

Live Through This brings together more than 30 of the most exciting art, music and fashion personalities who are changing art making in New York. New art practice is now intimately tied to the lived experience of the artists themselves, and this book, through more than three hundred color photographs of artists, artworks, studios, off-duty behaviors, zines, concerts, openings and parties, illustrates and examines the nature of this relationship. Thoughtful criticism is provided by five essays: Larry Rinder writes about the groundbreaking nature of Fort Thunder and Providence scene, Jeffrey Deitch offers an historical and personal look at New York's underground, musician Philip Guichard describes the past five years of music in the city, digital artist Cory Arcangel talks about collectives and new media, while Kathy Grayson provides a behind-the-scenes thesis. Major attention is paid to artists working in New York City, but also in Providence and San Francisco. The list includes several major names in art, fashion and music, but some decidedly underground ones, thus emphasizing community affiliations and working collaborations. This is a most authentic look at what New York's art scene truly is, organized and produced by the members themsleves through extensive collaboration.