Dawn Mellor (Migros / JRP|Ringier)

Dawn Mellor (Migros / JRP|Ringier)

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 German / English
ISBN: 978-3-905829-98-3

November 2008
Hardcover, 215 x 291 mm
64 pages
Images 28 color, 2 b/w

Published by JRP|Ringier

In her images Dawn Mellor (born 1970 in Manchester, lives and works in London) deconstructs the interactive structure of the cult of celebrity – which appears in our culture to have been elected as a substitute for religion – by means of black humour fabricating a relationship between star and his/her believer, the fan. In so doing the artist herself frequently takes the role of an obsessed follower. Through a frequently self-chosen “painterly” role Mellor destroys the moral codes communicated through mass entertainment vouching for a deliberated immorality. Whereby in the face of the obsessive image worlds the question is also continually asked about the actual standardised taste of the observer and its verification. Mellor’s painting style is simultaneously fed by surrealism, the colourfulness of Pop Art and the intentional bad taste of a Joe Coleman. In her first institutional presentation in Switzerland the painter is to exhibit amongst other works, the 120 part portrait cycle “Vile Affections” (2007–2008) as well as numerous new large-scale works, drawings and a wall painting.