Advance (+original drawing 40) | John Braodley

Advance (+original drawing 40) | John Braodley

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"Advance All ye Elementals" book & "Big Delight!" booklet & original drawing 

Sealed packet containing :

70-page A4 perfect bound, soft cover book

52-page A6 stapled booklet

a original postcard drawing.


"Advance All Ye Elementals!" is a compilation of larger scale 'Wild For Adventure' strips which have appeared before. Some have been re-coloured, others have not been previously published. There are also pages from now out of print books.

The packets are numbered 1-42. Each one contains an original 'Hostess' advert drawing. 

Each packet also includes the booklet 'Big Delight!' which contains all of the Hostess ad drawings collected together.