Lara Almarcegui (Revolver Publishing)

Lara Almarcegui (Revolver Publishing)

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In mint condition (little glue mark on the back cover, see picture)

Softcover, published in Berlin, Germany 2010

 First edition

22 x 16 cm

96 pages

English & German texts

Includes numerous color illustrations

ISBN 978-3-868951-23-3

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Lara Almarcegui frequently works outdoors. She has already implemented numerous international projects, from the restoration of a market hall slated for demolition in San Sebastián (Spain) to close studies of derelict lots in Rotterdam, Bilbao, São Paulo, Lisbon, and Amsterdam. She collects historical, geographic, ecological, and sociological data about vacant areas in the urban space that will soon have changed, documenting them and interviewing experts. ?One wasteland has very different characteristics from the next. I try to present each site in as much detail as I can, zoom in a lot, try to present the uniqueness of each site.? Lara Almarcegui bundles the information she gathers in Guides, brochures that present the past, present, and future of the vacant lots?some had been put to public, some to private uses?in an objective and matter-of-fact fashion.