Zines 1 | V. Vale (Re:Search)

Zines 1 | V. Vale (Re:Search)

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22 x 28 cm

184 pages


isbn 978-0965046909

Features: how to tips to create a great ZINE without money! Better Living through creative scams & pranks! Queerpunk, Riot Grrrl, Fat Girl! A history of pre-zine rebel publishing! Thrift Store Shopping Confidential! Includes 10 pages of inspiring quotations, a directory of 800 selected zines, index & introduction/overview.

Zines Vol One (and Vol Two) comprised The First History of the Zine Movement. In the past few decades a quiet revolution has gained force: over 100,000 “zines” (independent, not-for-profit self publications) have emerged and spread–mostly through the mail, with little publicity…

Our Zines Vol One and Zines Vol Two books have been used in zines workshops and college classes, as they were the very first books published on the “zine” phenomenon which refuses to go away. Following the Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) principle of early Punk Rock, zine publishers have 100% control of their own content.

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose are the goals of zinesters worldwide, and each zine publisher has his/her unique purpose or mission statement. Never has it been easier to produce a small but beautiful publication: 1) xerox one or more double-sided 8.5×11″ (or similar) sheets of paper, trim with a paper cutter on 3 sides, fold once, then staple with a long-reach stapler. Presto: your zine! If you use a higher grade of paper for superior photographic reproduction, you will probably not be sorry!

You can also produce a mini-zine by xeroxing a double-sided 8.5×11″ (or similar) sheet of paper, then folding it four (or more) times, trimming it appropriately, lastly stapling so it doesn’t fall apart. Presto: a mini-zine!


These fanzines represent an almost unprecedented breakthrough . . .”

–Alternative Press

“V. Vale has published a masterpiece. A slice of otherwise discarded and forgotten culture is preserved in this fantastic book. I wonder what’s become of these zine makers since this book was published? I need more; maybe Zines 3 will surface! V. Vale is a true archivist of underground culture and should be rewarded for his efforts.”

“The whole riot of the punk zine era has to be a respected one. In order to understand it I suggest reading this book. You’re giving examples of some of the pinnacles of the punk zines, giving inspiration not only to myself, but to those who wish to express themselves beyond their bedroom.”

“Zines Vol One was very interesting. I loved it. I will definitely read it again.”

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