Torture Garden 2 : Body Probe (velvet publication)

Torture Garden 2 : Body Probe (velvet publication)

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162 pages 


21 x 29 cm


isbn 978-1840680041

The Torture Garden follows up its first, club-based book with the sequel Body Probe, an anthology of interviews, features and images exploring the boundaries of the human body at the edge of the new millennium.

Contents include: David Cronenberg, Hermann Nitsch, Chapman Brothers, Orlan, Stelarc, Ron Athey, Della Grace, Nick Knight, Alex Binnie, plus alien abduction, sex in space, medical fetishism, robot art, mutation in fashion, self-made freaks, the cybernetic body and S/M art.

Body Probe confirms the Torture Garden's position at the cutting edge of the fetish, body art, and cyber technology scene. It contains over 100 black and white photographs, and over 50 full-colour plates.