the Wonder | Tony Fitzpatrick (last gasp)

the Wonder | Tony Fitzpatrick (last gasp)

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Hard Cover, 82 pages

27 x 21 cm

Published in 2005 (first edition)

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Images of Chicago, its people, its mysteries, its stories, and the extraordinary influence these stories have had on Fitzpatrick's life. He gives us fantasy and fact, great architectural landmarks and obscure neighborhood bars, and his own great heroes, real and imagined. Chicago is a city of sports legends and wild politics, but it is also a city of real, everyday people, people who have made Chicago into Fitzpatrick's Bombay.

"Tony is so full of heart, life, and truth, that after you spend a few hours with this book, I think it's safe to say you grew up in Chicago. It's safe to say you lived in Tony's heart. It's all on these pages." -- Penn Jillette