The Story of a Girl | Emelie Östergren (Optimal)

The Story of a Girl | Emelie Östergren (Optimal)

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Story of A Girl by Emelie Östergren. 

Color cover

32 color pages

22 x 15 cm

Punlished in Sweden, 2011


only one copie available 


This is an incredible comic by Swedish cartoonist Östergren, available in the USA through DOMINO.  This is part of a 3 issue comic book series by Östergren---Story of A girl is in our opinion the most ambitious entry---, and uses the pamphlet format to deliver a strong, pulsating work of art. Featuring characters from Östergren acclaimed EVIL DRESS book, we see characters ooze through these pages, picked up and brushed aside, and drawn with incredible feeling. While the events of the story are strange and unsettling, the emotional center is strong. Östergren's drawing couldn't be sharper than it is here. This book is also virtually impossible to find in the USA outside of DOMINO---worth your time and energy as a reader.

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