The life an music of Nick Cave (Gestalten)

The life an music of Nick Cave (Gestalten)

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"...this is still essential fan-fodder, and proof that even off-stage, Cave always looks every inch the rock god." -- The Times 1/00

"If this `illustrated biography´proves anything, it´s that Nick Cave - even in the most unpromising circumstances - has always, always looked cool." --
New Musical Express 12/99

"There´s fascinating photo evidence aplenty..." --

The book covers and combines both the personal development of the person Nick Cave and the history of his career. To a large extent, Nick Cave´s biography records and represents an entire generation and its attitudes towards life. The book is meant to depict parts of the puzzle Nick Cave, places them in their chronological biographical context and deals with deeper-going questions. Next to the text passages the book works with approx. 50% visuals - concert, band, back-stage and private photos. A comprehensive collage with newspaper cuttings with as much unpublished photographic material as possible and the artist's drawings which have never before been published shed a completely new unusual light on the person Nick Cave