Sans Titre | Gfeller + Hellsgård (unique book)

Sans Titre | Gfeller + Hellsgård (unique book)

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Gfeller + Hellsgård

Unique screen printed book, hard cover,  48 x 35 cm, 36 pages.

From the "Sans Titre" series of 8 unique book, produced in 2018-19

The books from the "Sans Titre" series are in the following collections:

- Indiana University Perdue, USA

- MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

- Delaware University, USA

- University of South California, USA

- Fond Patrimonial, Médiathèque André Malraux, Strasbourg, France


Similar books are held in public collections: the Stanford University, The Library of Congress, Emory University, the Cassady Lewis Carroll Collection, the University of Southern California, the Lafayette College, the Connecticut University, the Achenbach Graphic Arts collection of the Legion of Honor of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, the Delaware University, the National Library of Luxembourg, the British Library, the Louisiana State Universityand the Melbourne University.


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