Sammo Hung Quest II | Cursed Demons Season (Le Petit Mignon)

Sammo Hung Quest II | Cursed Demons Season (Le Petit Mignon)

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Yet again Le Petit Mignon walks both ways like paths crossing the labyrinth of musical genres and visual arts, offering this time an edition presenting two accomplished Berlin based musicians, Debmaster (France) and Dj Die Soon (Japan), as well as the artworks of Tokyoite painter and illustrator oki-chu.

A split LP entitled “Sammo Hung Quest II: Cursed Demons Season”. It's like the soundtrack of an apocalyptic video game of which you would be both the hero and the villain. On the ”Invasion” side Debmaster delivers a hybrid cocktail of playfulness and darkness, during these four tracks blending bounding kicks and deconstructed beats, obscure and droning industrial soundscapes wrapped by electro acid strains. Consisting of 4 pieces, the ”Crash” side immerses us in the black hole shaped by Dj Die Soon, a compact space sprayed by hip hop tones and saturated beats, overwhelmed by heavy bass and a piercing foam of noise.

A sharp record that will make you shake your butt and head-bang the dance floor demon hidden inside you. Aimed at noise and industrial music lovers as well as hip hop and techno freaks.

Graphic design and artwork created by oki-chu, where video game futurism and Japanese-inspired pop art collide in a traditional “Emaki” format.
Oki-chu is one of the most driving figures of the Tokyoite underground art scene and one of the heads of Tokyo-based publishing house and gallery Mograg where the first edition of Le Petit Mignon traveling exhibition took place in 2012.

Limited edition of 297 hand-numbered copies. Clear transparent vinyl, 2-sided 6-pannel fold out cover, 31.5x94.5cm (31.5x31.5cm closed), offset print. Including download code with two bonus tracks!