Mad Night | Richard Sala (Fantagraphics)

Mad Night | Richard Sala (Fantagraphics)

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232 pages

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ISBN 978-1560976813


Coed corpses are piling up at Lone Mountain College, and Kasper Keene wasn't going to get involved. But then the camera his not-girlfriend (darn!) Viola loaned him gets swiped, just after he gets an assignment from a mysterious costume shop across the street from a pirate museum. And a mighty coed-ish "pirate" is the swiper! Looks like a job for fearless, fightin', foul-mouthed Judy Drood, another coed, whom Kasper has been avoiding so she won't drag him on another sleuthing exploit. Too late for that, though, since Judy spots Kasper in time to see the camera boosted. More corpses accumulate, the costume shop and the pirate museum--also the campus clock tower--are all hiding things (and fiends), and, boy-oh-boy, is the science faculty implicated, not to mention mad. Fortunately, mad is good in the world of Sala, whose graphic-novel re/de-construction of 1940s-1960s horror-mystery movies here reaches new heights of gibbering (well . . . chortling, actually) terror. As usual, Sala's brilliantly atmospheric art, full of shadows and spikes, is marvelously spooky. Ray Olson
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