The Suspects | Agnes Wyler (Revolver Publishing)

The Suspects | Agnes Wyler (Revolver Publishing)

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Softcover, published in Berlin, Germany 2015

 First edition

21 x 26 cm

124 pages

German and English texts

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The Suspects consists of 110 collages by Agnès Wyler, created between 1987 and 2015: a loosely arranged sequence or – more ominously – ordered by the laws of chance. This artist has a light hand, not only does she juggle with selection and succession, she juggles techniques as well as thoughts, the visual and the pun, dead aim hitting the bull’s eye – or was it just a lucky shot? Mischievously she creates a happy chaos out of snippets, objets trouvés, personal notes, biographic rubble and sour memories, cryptic messages, and a tossed salad of words – all this becomes “collage.
Here everything is permitted, all is possible, and the impossible is the program. You, esteemed beholder and reader, are crossing a minefield of ingenuity. (Guido Magnaguagno)
ISBN: 978-3-95763-285-2
Revolver Publishing Berlin,