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Onikaga | Saeki Toshio (Last Gasp)

Onikaga | Saeki Toshio (Last Gasp)

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Toshio Saeki

mega rare collectible
38 x 30 cm
58 pages
published in 2010
!!! the book is in mint condition, but wears a little stain on the front cover (see picture) !!!
A selection of Toshio Saeki's previously unseen works, uniquely printed in a large, lush format. Throughout, paper vellum overlays reproduce Saeki's unique method for adding color to his black and white artwork. He does not apply color directly, but instead uses overlays to indicate the exact colors he wants. He calls this method chinto printing the picture is complete only after it has been printed a modern version of the ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese woodcut prints. Though Onikage contains nearly two-dozen full color and seven black and white images, The viewer is not allowed to see every image in all stages. Like the artist, The viewer must use his or her imagination to complete these peculiar pictures
Published by SCB Distributors 2010-06-01 (2010)
ISBN 10: 0867197293 ISBN 13: 9780867197297