Megabillig | Gabriela Jolowicz (Lubok)

Megabillig | Gabriela Jolowicz (Lubok)

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Artist book with 24 black and white original woodcuts by Gabriela Jolowicz.

The woodblock prints in the artist book "Megabillig" all conceived within a 3 month period, where the artist picked events and observations of her day to day life and carved them into wood. The cities she had travelled to or lived in were Braunschweig, Salzgitter (her hometown) and Leipzig (the city she was based in at the time).
The urban "snapshots" show for example men in front of a cheap discount shop, a young couple in a video store, a view of multi-storey house and the living room of the family of a turkish friend. Each picture delivers a personal and detailled view and therefore opens a door to the life of the artist (at that very time) - remotely assembling a picture diary. The artist works very free in the woodcut technique to discover new effects in this old technique. She gathers many styles within each picture eg some figures consist only of simple contour lines, others are carved in minute detail. Also the contrast of the old technique and the modern world with its supermarkets, cars etc is very beguiling.

28 pages

37 x 29 cm

edition of 300
Released 2008